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If you would like an estimate for a job, you can either call our offices at (603) 431-6194 or fill out our fax estimate form and fax it to us at (603) 431-7558. In the future, we hope to accept e-mail estimates as well. However, before doing either of those, here is the information that you should have for us to do a complete estimate.

  • The type of piece you intend to mail: catalog, tabloid/magazine, postcard, self-mailer, envelope, etc.
  • The number of pieces that you will be mailing.
  • The size of the piece (height X width). This is important in determining what classification the piece will fall under and whether or not there are special fees for an odd shape or size.
  • The weight of the piece in ounces. Again, this is important in determing the postage amount you will be charged per piece.
  • Are we going to inkjet this piece? In order for us to inkjet recipient names and addresses onto your mail piece, you will need to send us a database or mailing list so that we can check the addresses and presort them. If you want to mail your piece presorted first class (popular for postcards), the list has to have been checked by National Change of Address within the last six months - this can take 3-5 days.
  • Are we going to label this piece? We can also apply labels instead of inkjet addressing. In this case, we need to know whether we will be printing the labels (for which we need a database) or if you will be providing them.
  • Are there any inserts? If so, we need to know how many and how you'd like them inserted. Also, if they are folded, it must be a letter fold (not zig-zag) to be machine inserted.
  • Will this need to be tabbed? Check our frequently asked questions page for more information on this.
  • What type of postage will we be using? Will we be using our permit, your permit, stamps, or metering? If this all seems a little disconcerting, don't worry - we can walk you through the steps. If you have any questions at all, please contact us.

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