Please print this page out, then fill in completely and fax to us. Please be sure to fill in the Contact Name and Telephone number, as we will need to contact you for further information. If you have any questions, you can consult our Frequently Asked Questions page. Or, if you're not sure after that, contact us through email at, or by phone at (603) 431-6194.
Thank you.

Company Name:______________________________________________________

Contact Name:______________________________________________________



Telephone Number:____________________ Fax Number:_____________________

  • Type of mail piece (catalog, postcard, self-mailer, envelopes, etc.): __________________________________________

  • Number of pieces:____________________________________________

  • What is the size of the piece (height x width)? ____________________________ inches

  • What is the weight of the piece (in ounces)?______________________________

  • Are there any inserts?____________ If so, how many?__________________

  • Will this need to be tabbed?_________________ If so, top or bottom?______________________

  • Will the addresses be inkjetted?_________ If so, type of database?________________________

  • Will the adresses be hand labelled?_________ If so, what kind of labels (1 up, 3 up, laser)? _________________

  • Or will we be printing the labels - if so type of database:________________________

  • What type of postage? Circle one: Standard/Bulk Rate -- First Class -- Presorted First Class -- Non-Profit

  • Will the piece have a permit or will it be metered?_______________________________________

  • If permit, will you be using the Mailforce permit or your own?______________________________________________

  • If your own permit, which post office is it from (town or city)?____________________________________________

    Please attach a page with additional notes or information you wish to add.

    If it is possible, please fax a copy of the mail piece to us, front and back. This will help us to complete your estimate more completely. After this form is filled out, please fax to: (603) 431-7558. Thank you.

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